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Rocking Camden Bench


The Camden Bench is a perfect white elephant, a 4050kg solid mass of untypified aggregate. It has been described as an anti-object; its designed functions aim to prevent use by rough sleepers, skate-boarders, vandals, litterbugs and dealers; it is also a PAS 68-rated road block.

I decided to make some modifications to make it more friendly to children and young city users: it has an air horn for gathering attention; 

compressed gas for balloons; a luggage rack for schoolbags; a traffic light to enable playable street closures; rails for rocking play; and a light resemblance to a elephant.

Elephant from found materials


Bicycle frame and tyres, drivebelt, make-up brush, bistro chair, PVC pipes, Royal Mail sacks, T8 strip lights, airhorn, spindle, plastic bags, hazard lamp, string, square-section mild steel.

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