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Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain_Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff_DSC1397.jpg

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain

by Stefan Jovanović

'On a planet from another time and space there lived a fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four supernatural mages intervene to save this planet from its death by ending humanity’s perception of time as linear. This new outdoor performance-work merges choreography, live-music, and installation-art to address one of the most pressing issues of our time, the death of our imagined future on this planet we call home.'

Premier at Derby Festé, 23 September 2022.


Set Design

Touring Performance


Mountain designed and fabricated for disassembly for a touring dance performance by Stefan Jovanovic. Challenges included flat-pack-ability, manual-bending to achieve a contracting-helix ladder, balancing a 'spit' moon to rock in its cradle, and a cracker-puzzle style lock to make it difficult to remove in public settings.

The mountain was shortlisted and displayed at Kingston Sculpture Festival, London 2021, and is currently touring as part of Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain.

Artistic Collaborators & Cast
Performers: Maëva Berthelot, Yen-Ching Lin, Makiko Aoyama, Stephanie McMann, Shannon Stewart*, Ophelia Young*, Pau Aran Gimeno*, Katye Coe*

*Guest/past performers

Original Music composed by: 

Kenichi Iwasa and Maxwell Sterling

Set Design: Jack Hardy
Costume Design: Curtis Oland
Dramaturgy: Eva Martinez
Land Dramaturgy: Katye Coe
Producer: Ornella Salloum
DAS Arts Facilitation: Frank Bock
Photography: Camilla Greenwell, Adam Grainger, Anne Tetzlaff, Nyla Sammons (Kingston First), Jack Hardy
Filmography: Chris Skarratt

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