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Ghost TrAAin


axonometric, 1:50, A1
technical pencil on layout paper

A mostly accurate proposal for a train-ride of questionable intent to be installed at No.36 Bedford Square.

Is this not a perfect cinegramme? A representational tool; a high- fidelity express ride through the growth, deception and folly seen in this place.

Step off the pavement into the cart: in through the front door, you plunge through a gaping hole in the floor and into the laser refraction room in the basement, where an over-zealous student has found a way to laser cut in seven spectrums. A brief swing through the self-informing notice board and up to the first floor landing: for another fleeting exhibition. A detour into the library before the train pillows through a humidified caffeine cloud in the bar. For a vital 180 degrees of context, the train shoots out of a second floor window before arriving with new ideas through the Head of the School. We’re lynched up to rapid prototyping on Diploma level before a disorientating plunge down the post-Diploma spiral puts ideas into drunken mis-perspective, accompanied by fireworks on the terrace. Wet from the pouring gin at bar-level, you wind up back on the yorkstone, reeling from the visit and still trying to read this shrewd Georgian facade.

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