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Lava Spiral

Volcan de Nuits, 2019

September during la vendange;

Nuit Saint Georges, Côte-d'Or, France.

Created on the initiative of the architecture agency AZCA (Atelier Zéro Carbone Architects), the “Volcan de Nuits” Festival is above all a matter of passion, that of music  and art, the heart and engine of the project.


In a bucolic and rural atmosphere, we offer you a timeless moment, in a unique setting, where art and music are master  on board.

The festival program is part of a desire to combine discovery, diversity and quality, and to embody a unique identity, where everything is to be built. [translated] 

This year I made a large inflata-lava which splurged and guffawed around the field, causing all children nearby to enter a mad and delightful frenzy. The scale of the lava is consuming, you find unexpected faces, flash-grins. The shape is a spiralling tube which means the whole thing twists and resists order; the colour is most vivid at dusk, and; it folds up into a royal mail bag.

PU Coated Ripstop Nylon, fed by box fan.

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