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Expanded Realities Exhibition

Open City Docs 2019

Festival Hub, China Exchange,

Chinatown, London.

'The Expanded Realities exhibition platforms a line-up of innovative cross-media projects in our Festival Hub. The exhibition includes a number of interactive installations as well as a 360 Cinema showcasing a selection of virtual reality films. This year’s installations all seek to push the boundaries of our understanding of interaction, connection and space within the digital landscape. 

The exhibition will be open and free to the public and offers an opportunity to experience a breadth of new visions of documentary storytelling.'

4 baby booths and 1 big booth were fabricated from mild steel tube and solar fabric to house VR films; body+ size cylinders to gently contain people in a different reality.

Lights, structures and spatial design by Jack Hardy (thanks to Jon Schmulevitz), Production led by Helen Mackenzie and Open City Docs.

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